Hello there! Welcome :)

A genuine heartfelt smile is born when we feel connected, supported, at ease. 'Smiling Spaces' refers to intentionally-created spaces where such connection, presence, well-being can be nurtured and facilitated, where joyful smiles can be rediscovered, remembered, relived. That is our ultimate purpose – to foster and multiply such smiles in the world.

While our main focus is on the emotional well-being, we are fully aware that we are most able to sustain such smiles outside our intentional spaces when we are balanced in all parts of our being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Through various offerings, initiatives, products we promote each of these aspects: for example, Self Love Practice Group nurtures our spiritual self; research into holistic dentistry, nutrition, bio-chemistry and traditional Eastern schools of medicine are going to support products for physical well-being; meetings to learn and practice NVC (nonviolent communication) assist in mental well-being as we practice understanding ourselves and each other, identifying unmet needs and devising creative ways of meeting them.

Science has shown that our emotional state directly affects our thoughts and our physical state ( 1, 2+3, 4), and vice versa ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). This knowing encourages us to be deliberately taking good care of our emotional state, so that its health reverberates into other facets of our existence. We provide support to those, who are open to receiving it, on their path to higher awareness, to joy, to personal growth, to a peaceful contribution to the world around. For that purpose we create spaces and communities to share a smile, be that over a bad joke, a good connection or even just a shared awkwardness.
We intend the world of care and cooperation. Do you share our vision?

We are looking forward to sharing a smile with you :)