"Which way do you want to live? 'Who is right', or 'Let's make life more wonderful'?"
-- based on Marshall R., founder of NVC (aka Compassionate / Non-Violent Communication)

Communication is key... You know it, I know it, we all know it! ;)

Many of us learn to communicate and resolve conflict in our childhood: those of us from roudy loud families often argue and disagree loudly and passionately, those of us from quiet families frequently learn not to address conflict directly at all!
When our different styles clash - even more disagreements, grievances and pain often arise.

Why get stuck in that painful communication?!
Why not take a little time to tune up our own and our partner's patterns, to create more joy and ease in our daily life?
Why not learn to communicate and resolve conflicts, so that BOTH people's needs are met?

Together we will practice the communication tips that feel good and effective,
balancing empathy and genuine expressing. Join me?

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What will it look like?

First, I will guide you through the basics.
Then, we will try them out on a simple disagreement or two.
As your comfort grows, we will apply these skills towards more real, more serious disagreements you have.

Along the way, I will suggest tools to make communication more effective, such as powegrounding, gentle touch, etc.
We adopt principles and philosophy of NVC (Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication) as the core of communication. I encourage you to explore it on your own as well.


Meetings can be held online, or in-person upon discussion.

For financial assistance or alternative payment methods, please email me at smile_spaces@pm.me.

NVC is effective even when only one person is trained in it. If your partner is unable to join, you will still learn a lot to bring back to your relationship.